Political Joke

The earliest record of an African-American on the force is contained in the Police Department’s Annual Report for 1872.

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Buck Town

James Allen became the first African-American detective on the Cincinnati Police Department and worked in the area east of Broadway, between East Sixth and East Seventh Streets, known as “Buck Town.”

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One of the Brightest Detectives

Richard A. Reed became known as one of the brightest detectives in the Cincinnati Police Department. He became a substitute patrolman on March 27, 1895.

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Proportional Representation

Frank A. Hall, patrolman, court officer and detective, was born on April 1, 1870 in Vicksburg, Mississippi. A former waiter, he became a Substitute patrolman on June 15, 1897 and a patrolman August 10, 1898.

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Mounted Patrol

Charles P. Miles, one of Cincinnati’s first mounted patrolmen, was born May 24, 1876 in Marietta, Ohio. A messenger at the Hamilton County Circuit Court for five years, he became a substitute patrolman on January 13, 1905.

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Killed In The Line Of Duty

Olin C. Wilson, born April 29, 1892, in Woodville, Georgia, was the second Cincinnati African-American police killed in the line of duty.

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John “Pop” Toney was born in Covington, Kentucky on September 19, 1893 and worked as an expressman and coal and iceman before becoming a substitute patrolman on August 3, 1925. He became a patrolman in 1926.

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Youth Aid Bureau

Lillian A. Grigsby, Policewoman Grigsby one of the first African-American female Cincinnati Police Officer. Policewoman Grigsby was appointed to the Cincinnati Police Department as a Recruit on September 1, 1947.

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