By Dan Yount January 26, 2022

The Cincinnati Herald Cincinnati Police Department Captain Danita Pettis has been elected president of The Sentinel Police Association for 2022-2024, succeeding outgoing President Officer Louis Arnold. Pettis is a 23-year veteran of the Cincinnati Police Department, who grew up in Winton Terrace and Avondale. After graduating from the Police Academy in 1999, she was assigned to District 4 Patrol. She is current Commander of District 2, which oversees 14 Cincinnati neighborhoods. She says one of her greatest accomplishments was being promoted to police captain. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science, Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Spanish, all earned at the University of Cincinnati. She has received a number of honors and awards throughout her career with the Cincinnati Police Department. Pettis said a few goals she will be striving for during her tenure as the Sentinel President are:

  • To work with the City to increase diversity in the hiring, promotion, and fair treatment of minorities on the Cincinnati Police Department. 
  • To work with the City to seek out best practices for ensuring the police department mirrors the demographics of the community it serves.
  • To work with the community and local city government on continued police reform efforts.
  • To work with the community leaders to seek out ways to decrease youth violence in the City of Cincinnati

Other Sentinel officers are Officer Sabreen Robinson, Vice President; Officer Nedra Ward, Second VP; Officer Toni Nash, Treasurer; Sergeant Linda Sellers, Business Manager; Ret. Officer Patricia Simpson, Recording Secretary; Sergeant Anthony Mitchell, Chaplain; Officer Kevin Sorrells, 2nd Chaplain; Officer David Dozier, Sergeant at Arms; and Officer Darryl Tyus, 2nd Sergeant at Arms.