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Committed to improving police community relations
Dedicated to equity and justice

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To address discriminatory practices, policies, and procedures in the Cincinnati Police Department.
Ensure equality in hiring, job assignments, and promotions in the Cincinnati Police Department.
To work toward police reform to eliminate police brutality, bias-based policing, and police misconduct.
To ensure the delivery of quality police services to the citizens of Cincinnati through respect, compassion, and understanding.
To bridge the gap between the Cincinnati Police Department and the citizens of Cincinnati through effective communications and education.

The Sentinel Police Association (SPA) was established in 1968 by a handful of courageous African-American Officers. In 1970 the Organization signed its’ Letter of Incorporation with the State of Ohio. The Officers pioneered the groundwork for many others to follow in their footsteps. In the late 1960’s it was recognized that the issues of racism, promotions, and disciplinary actions pertaining to Cincinnati African-American Police Officers needed to be addressed.  A small number of African-American officers formed a group, which later evolved into The Sentinel Police Association.


The mission of the SPA has expanded. The Organization is working harder to improve the relationship between police and the communities we serve. The SPA monitors and evaluates the policies and programs within the criminal justice system and their effect on the community at large. The Sentinel Police Association stands firm to its commitment to being FOREVER VIGILANT & FOREVER STRONG.

Dania Pettis


Danita Pettis has served with the Cincinnati Police Department for over 20 years. She is a Cincinnati native, a graduate of Walnut Hills Highschool and the University of Cincinnati.

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Sabreen Robinson

Vice President

Sabreen Robinson has been a member of the Sentinel Police Association her entire career. She served the Executive Board for six years as the Secretary, a member of the banquet committee, and now as the Vice President.

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Nedra Ward

Assistant Vice President

Nedra has served the City of Cincinnati for over 20 years. She has closed countless cases as an investigator all while raising her three sons.

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Toni Nash


Toni Nash is an asset to the police department and the Sentinel Police Association. Her police career begin in district three, then five as a patrol officer, and she currently serves as a patrol officer in District Five

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David Dozier

Sergeant At Arms

David Dozier has been an active Sentinel Member for his entire career. His key role has been Sergeant At Arms, which consists of keeping order at meetings. He has served with the police department for 18 years.

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Darryl Tyus

Assistant Sergeant At Arms

Darryl Tyus has served on the Police Department for 15 years and has been a Sentinel member his entire career.

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Anthony Mitchell


Anthony has served the police department for 16 years and has been Sentinel Member his whole career.

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Kevin L. Sorrells

Assistant Chaplin

Kevin L. Sorrells is a veteran officer who has served the public for over 25 years. He has been employed with the Cincinnati Police Department for the past seven years.

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Patricia Barnes


Pat served in the Police Department for 18 years before retiring on October 2, 2021. She has been a Sentinel Member the entire time. She is a graduate of Amelia High School. She resided in Amelia and later Avondale.

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Linda Sellers

Building Manager

Linda Sellers is a seasoned officer and investigator. She currently serves as a Sergeant. She is an advocate for women and justice. She also runs a creative Event Planner Company.

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Friends of the Sentinels 
CPD is the last local Police Civil Rights Organization

Political Joke

The earliest record of an African-American on the force is contained in the Police Department’s Annual Report for 1872.

Learn MoreJan 01, 1884

Buck Town

James Allen became the first African-American detective on the Cincinnati Police Department and worked in the area east of Broadway, between East Sixth and East Seventh Streets, known as “Buck Town.”

Learn MoreJun 19, 1886

One of the Brightest Detectives

Richard A. Reed became known as one of the brightest detectives in the Cincinnati Police Department. He became a substitute patrolman on March 27, 1895.

Learn MoreMar 27, 1895

Proportional Representation

Frank A. Hall, patrolman, court officer and detective, was born on April 1, 1870 in Vicksburg, Mississippi. A former waiter, he became a Substitute patrolman on June 15, 1897 and a patrolman August 10, 1898.

Learn MoreAug 10, 1898

Mounted Patrol

Charles P. Miles, one of Cincinnati’s first mounted patrolmen, was born May 24, 1876 in Marietta, Ohio. A messenger at the Hamilton County Circuit Court for five years, he became a substitute patrolman on January 13, 1905.

Learn MoreJan 13, 1905

Killed In The Line Of Duty

Olin C. Wilson, born April 29, 1892, in Woodville, Georgia, was the second Cincinnati African-American police killed in the line of duty.

Learn MoreMar 17, 1927


John “Pop” Toney was born in Covington, Kentucky on September 19, 1893 and worked as an expressman and coal and iceman before becoming a substitute patrolman on August 3, 1925. He became a patrolman in 1926.

Learn MoreAug 03, 1925

Youth Aid Bureau

Lillian A. Grigsby, Policewoman Grigsby one of the first African-American female Cincinnati Police Officer. Policewoman Grigsby was appointed to the Cincinnati Police Department as a Recruit on September 1, 1947.

Learn MoreSep 01, 1947